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When we decided to start an eCommerce project, one of the main dilemmas that come up is: “Which server should I choose. Either a dedicated server or a shared one?” The reality is that everything depends on the needs of your business.

The shared servers are not costly. In a shared server, there will be other websites hosted on your server. So, the security decreases. Also, in the case of the shared server, the bandwidth is smaller compared to a dedicated server.

If you opt for a dedicated server, you can find many more features and security guarantees. Not only are you the one that will be hosted on that server, but this means having full control of the machine. In the case of the dedicated server cost, you have access to all the resources of the server. On the other hand, you will not have blacklist problems or search engine penalties.

Within the managed dedicated servers, you can also find several options. Dedicated servers help to increasing the value of our business. Dedicated server aimed at a more consolidated business and with greater needs. If you opt for a dedicated server, the output from the website is more. As there is no need to share resources.

Something important to keep in mind if you do not have systems personnel in your company is that you acquire managed servers. In these cases, hosting professionals manage and configures your server.

What are the Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are physical machines, and as the name says. They are 100% dedicated to you in terms of CPU, RAM, and Disk usage. It is like the birthday cake, a whole cake for you.

You can use the dedicated server as you like, install the services you want. You can use applications, libraries or configure as you need. Since you are the only one who will use the server, you have complete freedom to unleash your most demanding development needs.

Advantage of the dedicated server

Variety of operating systems: like the Cloud, you can install the OS you need. For example, Windows Server, Linux in any of its variants of UNIX such as BSD.

Have assurance about the privacy of resources and IP. Being in a dedicated, you can have the exclusive and private use of CPU, RAM, Disk, and the network. In turn, you will have dedicated IPs assigned to all your sites. So, you will avoid any problem related to the bad reputation of IPs. Something that sometimes happens in shared hosting due to outgoing spam due to vulnerable scripts or malware infections.

Have assured about performance. A using a dedicated from the beginning has a guaranteed performance depending on the resources that incorporate the machine.

Transfer and cheap SSD disk: unlike the Cloud, if you need a lot of transfer or disk, it becomes quite expensive. In dedicated servers to contract extra transfer or a server with a lot of transfer (above 30TB) from the beginning is extremely cheap.

When is it recommended to use dedicated hosting?

  • If you have a budget greater than $ 100 dollars per month
  • If you need independence of resources
  • When you need to install custom libraries and services
  • When you exceed 2,000 daily visits
  • If you want to avoid sharing the IP with other sites

Which one should I choose then?

Dedicated hosting has its advantages and disadvantages. From my perspective, Shared Hosting continues to be one of the best options as it is very reasonable. A dedicated server also included technical support, system security, and speed optimization.  There is an option of malware scan, and scalability in terms of transfer and hard disk usage.

The Cloud is cheaper than Dedicated. Something it considers is that you will need advanced knowledge of systems, network and service administration. This is maybe the most significant thing of all. As it assures you that tomorrow you will not hack and spoil your entire project, or worse, your customer data. This is maybe the most significant thing of all. As it assures you that tomorrow you will not hack and spoil your entire project, or worse, your customer data.

Countless times we have seen clients go from Shared Hosting which is ultimately a 100% managed server to a cheap VPS, without administration. And then end up infected with malware, viruses, or root-level hacks that compromise the immediate future of their company. Something that never happened to them in years in shared plans.

If you need fast scalability and make the leap to a 100% managed Cloud VPS. Then you will be covered when it comes to security, optimizations, and technical support. Just make sure that the company you choose to manage your server will be competent. And with 24-hour support first and foremost. So dedicated server is for large scale businesses.