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So, you already have hosted your website and it’s accessible to all. It means you have already completed Step 1 of your online journey.

As your site starts growing, you will notice that it will start using some extra resources for smooth functionality. No doubt shared hosting is the best for small-scale projects but when they start expanding, the problems start rising.

What to do?

Another logical solution is VPS Hosting India or virtual private servers. It is virtual as it uses server virtualization software for creating several virtual servers on a single physical machine. Because each user on the server gets independent resources on a VPS, it is private.

With VPS hosting, you can have greater control over the server configuration and administration as compared to any shared hosting plan. Moreover, you can scale your resources accordingly. VPS hosting can easily manage resource-heavy and traffic loaded websites.

VPS Hosting

When you compare a shared hosting service, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a greater solution in terms of technology. If you technically see, VPS servers are basically still ‘shared’ environments as there will be more than one user account on the same server, but it uses highly sophisticated technology to allocate resources and keep users separate.

The major difference is the way resources are divided. There are very few users that use the same hardware and each of them has their own private environment, making it appear that each of them has their own server.

In shared hosting, the first person that grabs the resources gets to use them all. Suppose the server has 16 GB of memory then a single website can potentially end up using all of it.

In VPS hosting, the number of resources is divided in advance. For instance, the starter VPS plan might offer 2 GB to each user. Then each of these users can use a maximum of 2 GB as they need, but other users won’t be able to overstep their own individual 2 GB allowance.

When resources are allocated per-user, you get a highly stable and predictable environment. Would you still need resources? Well, if you run a poorly coded website or you want to go viral and get tens of thousands of visitors overnight then you need more resources. With VPS plans, you always get some additional memory when required. This means you won’t be affected by the functionality of any other users/websites on the server.

Additionally, you get better security. There can be a situation wherein instances of scripts can bypass the hypervisor, which is the process that creates the virtual servers, but this is rare.

What is Cloud VPS?

There are some companies that are offering a hosting service called ‘Cloud VPS’. There are several providers that have offered VPS services and now have started offering cloud hosting.

You will find cloud hosting and VPS hosting almost similar and for regular people you aren’t going to be correct if are thinking cloud hosting and VPS hosting are the same.

Both of them offer a dedicated set of resources on shared machines but the difference is in the hardware that is used:

  • ‘Traditional’ VPS Hosting — In this type of hosting, you get your own resources divided on one physical server.
  • Cloud VPS Hosting —In this type of hosting, you get your own partitioned resources, but those resources are spread over several different servers (‘the cloud’).

Recommended Cloud VPS Host

Overview About MilesWeb

MilesWeb was started in 2012 and has become one of the best web hosting solutions for many. The company aims at offering high-performance hosting for giving an opportunity to all to get the benefit from it. They offer a wide range of web hosting solutions to them such as shared, Dedicated, Unmanaged VPS Hosting, Cloud, WordPress, and Reseller Hosting. Currently, MilesWeb serves over 20,000 customers online with its robust and high-tech solutions.

Managed VPS Hosting Plans



Free Website Migration: Your website can be migrated at any time to their servers without paying any fees for it. Moreover, they make sure that the data of your website remains secure when the migration is done.

Choose Your Control Panel: They allow you to select your preferred control panel from the different control panels such as Plesk, cPanel, and Webuzo. With the help of these control panels, you can manage domains, websites and emails.

Cloud-Powered VPS: Their VPS hosting plans are based on cloud infrastructure that delivers the best I/O performance. You get to enjoy the flexibility of cloud hosting and the power of a dedicated server.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware: You get SSD servers, powerful Intel Xeon Processors, and 128GB of RAM per server with their hardware.

Solid-State Drives: With SSDs, get the best performance and reliability in comparison to traditional HDDs.

Free VPS Management: They will manage your VPS for free without any extra charges.

SSH and Root Access: You can have complete control over the server with SSH and root access.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: With their user-friendly resource monitoring dashboard you can reboot VPS, monitor memory usage, check the server load, and manage other configurations of your VPS server.

Host Unlimited Websites: They enable you to host multiple websites on your single VPS hosting account.

Instant Provisioning: You can get your VPS account setup immediately after your payment is confirmed.

No Setup Fee: You aren’t charged any extra fees to set up your VPS account.

Robust Infrastructure: They have their VPS hosting infrastructure build using technology from big players such as Cisco, Dell, Supermicro, and HP.

24/7/365 Support: They offer 24/7 support from their support team if you face any issues on your website.

Customer Review



If you are craving more power don’t want to technically handle the server-side of your website, MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting plans are the best. They surely offer you features that help in boosting your website’s performance.