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While using social media analysis for brand promotion, one of the most effective ways to boost your outreach is joining hands with influencers.

With a massive outreach across various market segments, these internet celebrities can fetch you instant recognition across your target audience. A promo campaign with the right online advocate can do wonders for your brand, and let you generate the desired buzz in a timely manner.

But that’s where the questions start cropping up. How do you find the right influencers? How can you judge their ability to market your products? And is there a way to do all of this in an easier manner?

As hinted above, social media analytics allow you to find answers to all of these questions. Through social listening, effective measurement, and ethical tracking, you can find the perfect brand ambassador for your business without turning to a world of manual efforts.

How Can You Find the Right Influencers?

Finding the right influencers and advocates is often related to their number of followers. While this is a critical factor, the number of followers is not the end of all social media analysis to gauge an influencer’s market outreach.

Since you are promoting your own products and solutions, you also need to see whether these followers relate to your brand. For instance, if the influencer with a large number of followers works in the fitness industry and your business is all about baking goods, it does not seem like a right match to begin with. But assessing the marketing capability of these internet celebrities goes beyond this glaringly obvious factor.

Even when some online advocates operate in the same industry as your brand, it’s not a testament to their favorability with your market segment. While they can have a large fan following, not all of these fans may react excitedly to a brand promotion of your company.

That is where you can use social media analysis to gauge audience reactions about the influencer and their actions. By going through social media comments, individual posts, as well as likes, shares, and other engagement factors, you can assess whether their partnership can bring something positive to the table for your brand.

Doing all of these activities manually can take a lot of time and also returns ineffective results. It is also virtually impossible to gather such a vast amount of data through manual activities while also being trustful of the collected information.

That’s where you can turn to specialized tools to automate these actions and complete them in an efficient yet reliable way.

How to Use Specialized Tools for Social Listening?

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), NetbaseQuid uses its robust system to tap into conversations across all major social media platforms. The solution achieves this feat in a quick and painless way and segments the data into smart categories for you to analyze it easily. By using NetbaseQuid, you can ethically track public conversations surrounding keywords, topics, and individuals to make informed decisions at all times.

This goes a long way towards helping you find the right influencers with social media analysis. With the ability to assess real time audience reaction, emotion, and sentiment towards online celebrities, you can determine which individuals can provide you with the most return on investment (ROI).

From there, it’s just a matter of reaching out to the influencers in question and working out a marketing deal. This brings significant ease to the otherwise daunting process of finding the right brand influencers and partnering with them. As a result, you can find more time to focus on your core business activities without compromising on your plans for market outreach.