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The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed many things in human life. It doesn’t only affect the health system from all nations but also the education systems. Normally, the schools are conducted by using face to face method. It means that the teacher and students are sitting in the same room together. However, in order to limit the transmission of the COVID-19, the schools are closed. It affects the teaching-learning process. Since children and teachers cannot go to school, they use different ways to teach and learn. Nowadays, the online teaching-learning process is a common thing for many schools all around the world. The teacher will give some materials to the students. The teacher may also give some homework that should be finished by the students. Well, since the students are staying at their home, they may receive some types of homework that are related to their subjects and daily life. Some students can finish their homework easily. However, some students may find the difficulty to finish homework. On the other hand, the type of homework is also various. It requires some bits of help from the adult. In this condition, the parents can help their children to finish their homework.

The Difficulty to Do Homework

As mentioned previously that there is much homework during school from the home process. It can be said that almost all subjects give homework to children every day. The children need to finish their homework accurately and quickly so that they can do other homework from other teachers. At some points, this condition can make the children feel bored since they need to do various homework. Some children may also feel so depressed in doing the homework since they cannot interact with their friends directly to tell about the homework. In this condition, the parents need to something to help the children in doing homework. Helping the children to do the homework doesn’t mean the parents do the homework. The parent can act as the generator so that the children can find the answer by themselves and finish the homework project by using their effort.

Lido Learning

Doing the Homework in a Fun Way

To help the children for doing the homework, the parent needs to know more about parents homework and fun way out. The parents can figure the ways for helping the children in finishing their homework. The first thing that should be done by the parent is becoming the motivator for the children. The parents can motivate the children to do their homework by promising a gift once the children finish their homework. The gift can be several things such as snacks, playing games, playing the computer, watching TV, and others. This will make a good habit for the children since they get the appreciation by finishing their task. The parents also can teach the materials that are hard for children. The parent and children can learn together and find the answer together. It will be more interesting for the children to find the answer with other people since the children can get bored easily. The parents also can use the application that provides many sources in some subjects. Normally, the application provides a good explanation of some subjects in an interesting way. So, children can learn it happily and finish their homework quickly. If the parents have two or more three children, it will be better to create a group discussion. The older child will help the younger child in solving the problem of the homework. Meanwhile, the younger child can play with the older child when they are getting bored. It’s a good idea to do homework buddy so that they will not feel bored easily. Even though homework is quite important in the school’s life, the parent should know the limit of their children. If the children have a hard time with the irrational number of assignments, the parents can talk to the teacher about this case and help the children in finishing the homework.

Learning with Lido to Improve the Knowledge

As mentioned previously that the parents can use the application to help the children in doing the homework. Well, there are some applications and websites that offer a free teaching-learning process. Those applications can be used as an alternative for children to learn their subjects in a fun way. One of the best applications is Lido Learning. This application can be downloaded after the parents register their children as enrolled students in Lido. The parent can choose which subject that should be learned by the children. The choices of the subject in Lido are Mathematics, English, Science, and Coding. Each subject has a different class. The parents can choose it based on the grade of their children. Besides, the teaching-learning process in Lido is conducted with a flexible schedule. It means the parent can set the schedule so that the children will not get tired easily.