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If you set up multiple WordPress sites, then you likely have a set number of plugins you use for each site, especially if you utilized a redirection plugin to transfer traffic and SEO from another site. Unfortunately, installing each one every time can get tedious and time-consuming. To avoid all the stress and checking if you have installed all plugins or themes, you can install them all at once by using WP Reset.

This tool will help you test, recover and deploy your website by controlling, resetting as well as restoring your WordPress environment in just one click. With WP Reset you can go back if you have made a mistake on your site, install all plugins with one click, removing theme’s unnecessary demo data, nuclear reset, automatic snapshot and so much more.

One of the best features of this tool is “Collections” feature that allows you bulk installing of plugins or themes. Instead of installing them over again, this feature gives you the ability to create as many lists of your items as you want, and you can install them with just one click and once created collection can be used on any site since it is all stored in a cloud.

Create New Collection


To add a new collection, click on the button Add New Collection and you will get a popup where you can write a name for your collection and give it a short description. Just confirm your inputs and your collection will be saved.

Installing and Activating a Collection


Usually, people will want to automatically install and activate all the plugins and themes from the list. To do that, the easiest way is to choose a card with the desired Collection. On the left side, you can see a Install Collection menu; click on it and choose Install & activate collection.

Install a Collection


The second option allows you to quickly install all the selected themes and plugins from your desired Collection, but it will not activate them. Go to you cad with Collection and follow all the steps from before, but just click on Install collection.

Delete Installed Plugin & Themes, Then Install & Activate Collection


If you want to install a Collection on site that is already activated, you can choose to delete those first. Instead of going through each one of the elements, you can choose this option. This will for sure save you a lot amount of time.

Access Collection from Different site


Once you have your Collection ready, you can install it on any site you desire. But you have to make sure that Collection you want is available for a license. Go the dashboard and login with your account. Open License tab and choose license for which you want to manage Collections. Then, go to the edit icon and click to choose the existing collection you want to have access to from this license. After that just save your changes by clicking on Update License button.

Clone Collection

If you have a collection that consist only of free plugins and themes, you can quickly clone them. Open the dashboard and go to Collection tab, select the collection you want to clone, and you are all set. But beware because the way you will not be able to modify the specific plugin or theme without having to start from the beginning.

WP Reset offers a lot more than we explained in this article so we encourage you to visit their official site as well as try out their tool so you can make your WordPress site management a lot easier.