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Companies that know the value of reviews sometimes pay people or use incentives to give reviews about their products or service.

They make the reviews more comprehensive by coming up with a series of questions that are released as surveys. People earn online from answering surveys for companies, however, there are other ways to make money as a product reviews website.

As a review site, you can make money for a short while or a long-term if you know how to. These methods of making money as a review site are discussed in this article but you must remember that you have to put in the work if you want to take the profit.

The resources are out there waiting to be explored, how much you explore them will determine how much you can make from them.

1.Contracts from Brands: As a review site, either a blog or a website, if you have enough traffic on your site, you can get companies that will pay you to write sponsored posts for them. The more traffic you have on your site, the more exposure brands will get when they hire you to write reviews for them. Depending on the kind of blog or website that you own, if you own a site where you talk about health-related issues, this gives you a wide range of topics to talk about and also puts you in front of many health brands. You can register with websites that connect you with brands that are willing to pay for reviews. Some of these sites include Famebit, Influence Central, Blog Dash, etc.

2.Writing Reviews Online: Because people need reviews to influence their decision when they want to buy something online, some businesses pay people to write nice reviews for their products so that people who want to buy these products are easily convinced to place an order. Sometimes, reviews are needed for a product or service to be verified on online stores like Amazon and brands are willing to pay review sites to write reviews about their product or service.

3.Affiliation: This involves writing reviews for brands around your niche. You will add links that link to their purchase page on marketplaces like Amazon and you will get a certain amount whenever someone makes a purchase using your link. The business does not pay you for the review but pays when someone buys their product or service after being encouraged from your site.

4.User Testing: New brands pay people to test their website for them. The pay can be as much as $10 per test. The reason why most people do not do this is that you will need to record your screen and voice while you are testing their site, but it is worth trying out to make some quick cash.

5.Mini-Reviews: Websites like Slicethepie pay for you to give reviews about pieces of music, so it is not like you are doing something serious that requires you to crack your brain or something. You get to earn while having fun. Cool yeah?

6.Freelancing: You can also get paid to write reviews as a freelancer. You can bid for review gigs on freelance sites like Upwork and if the client likes your pitch, you get hired to write reviews.

There are a lot of ways that you can make money online as a review site, some have been discussed here. You do not need to explore all of them, pick one or two that works for you, and make the best out of them.