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Delete Browsing History Microsoft Edge/IE

Learn how to view and delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge/ Internet Explorer 11 and other web browsers by step by step tutorial with pictures.

How to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft edge/Internet Explorer 11?

However according to modern applications, the use of internet banking websites or any general secured portal/ website is increasing day by day and users are more involved in the applications and web-app which is easily accessible on the Windows Microsoft Edge/ Internet Explorer 11. Internet explorer keeps a record of each website you have explored and that information stored is termed as History or Browsing History. Browsing History is the recent information stored starting from the day you access the web browser, it’s a record browser used to auto-complete the web-addresses by using cookies and history.

How to View your Browsing History?

Internet Explorer makes you explore the web-pages and also allows you to view the earlier website you used , as there are many websites which are used by individuals daily. So these websites and some cookies are stored as browsing history and can be easily viewed and accessible.

  1. Click on the Star button in the header tab of the Internet Explorer.

view history

Star button in the up-right corner provides you the access of Favorites, Book reading, History and Download. You can easily slide the inner tabs and view your favorites and access them any time , you can also import the favorites of the earlier saved in a file or any other browser. Book Store is the new feature in the Microsoft edge , internet explorer in which you can easily download the book from the store and without browsing you can easily access the book and read it.

  1. Click on the History Pinned icon in the inner tab :

view history

Clock icon in the inner tab of the Star button displays the past history stored. Here you can easily access the browsing history of the web-browser till previous second. Internet explorer store all the data which have been browsed till yet in the form of Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files, Tabs set aside and recently closed, Download history, Form data, Passwords, Media licenses, Pop-up exceptions, Location permissions, Full-screen permissions and Adobe-flash permission. You can access each of the above data and sort it according to date as well.

  1. Decide what you want to access :

Decide to access

After viewing the inner tabs you can decide what you want to access as favorites bar also allows to add bookmarks and while accessing the history you can easily search a particular website in the stored history and directly click over it, it will redirect you to the website easily. You can also view it according to the days and months.

How to Delete your Browsing History?

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If you are aware of the steps that how to first access the browsing history in an browser then only you have to choose the websites you want to delete or the filter option which will let you delete the selected content or all the browsed history or by using filtered options.

But if you are not aware of the steps to first locate your history, access it and then delete it. You can easily go through the above stated steps and then follow these simple steps and delete your browsing history and stored data like passwords and saved files.

Step: After accessing and viewing all the content you can easily delete the saved history by choosing filters.

view history

Clear all history is the option which will let you delete all the past history till previous second and you can also choose the particular website or the websites surfed on a particular day or month and by applying the filter stored data can be easily deleted.

Step 2: After clicking clear all history, you will be redirected to the displayed image below:

Decide to access

Here you will choose the required content to be deleted. This will eventually delete the content and enables the secured websites to work their process as there may be enabled cookies which doesn’t let secured websites to be accessed in the browser. So all these things can be easily dates according to the user.